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raikofu's Journal

doom on you, mr. tango.
22 July 1991
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i am the biggest lurker ever.

372844 pancakes, ave true to caesar, being a fink, being smalltime, boink, bonk bonk bonk, boulder punching, bruce campbell, calibrations, cans of lightbulbs, creepypasta, deadpool, eli roth, enchantment?, fistfuls of loightning, get over here, getting cage'd, gintama, gintoki's fat ass, graaaaaay fooooox, grabbing raidens crotch, grabbing raidens cyborg crotch, hadouken, harry fucking mason, johnny cage, lolcelot, meat dimension, metal gear !!, metal gear?!, miller in a speedo, need a dispenser here, ninja mime, oderus urungus, platinum casino chips, psycho mantis, quentin tarantino, scowling, scowling some moar, seeeemmmteeeeeeex, silent hill, sir henry motherfucker, slowly grooving towards you, soap, spy crabs, yes-man bff, you